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In San Jose, CA

Downtown Dogs has been serving puppy parents in the SoFA District of Downtown San Jose with dog daycare and dog boarding services since 1998. We offer a variety of comprehensive services, including day care, overnight care, dog activities, and spa services, from our convenient San Jose location. Our facility is staffed 24/7, allowing for convenient pup pick-ups and drop-offs around the clock. We welcome you to come visit the largest indoor dog daycare in Silicon Valley!

Meet the Team

Experienced, Professional & Fun!


Downtown Dogs
734 S 1st St
San Jose, CA 95113

Lobby Hours
Mon-Sun: 7am to Noon & 2pm to 7pm

Daycare Hours
7am to 7pm Daily


Dog Daycare Packages

1 Day$55 (Second Dog is Only $49!)
4 Days$212 (Save $2 per day!)
8 Days$416 (Save $3 per day!)
12 Days$612 (Save $4 per day!)
16 Days$800 (Save $5 per day!)

20 Days

$1000 (Save $5 per day!)

Packages expire 40 days after 1st day of use.

Dog Boarding Rates

Regular Room$78 (2nd Dog is Only $70!)
Web Room$88

10% Surcharge on Holiday Periods

Personal Services

Outdoor Stroll$25
1 on 1’s$13
Training Time$22
Activity Time$22
Snuggle Time$15

Scrub-A-Dub Services

Indulge in our classic Scrub-a-Dub treatment, complete with a relaxing bath and blow-dry for your furry friend. Other grooming services are available at an additional charge. Check out our pricing list to pick out the perfect services for your pet.

Small <20 lbs$25
Medium 21-49 lbs$40
Large 50+ lbs$50

*Long Hair/Double Coat fee added to a Scrub-A-Dub and brush out services – Small $2 | Medium $4 | Large $6

Additional Grooming Services

Brush Out

Small <20 lbs$15
Medium 21-49 lbs$20
Large 50+ lbs$25

Additional Cleaning

Ear Cleaning$8
Teeth Brushing$9
Nail Clipping$15
Nail Grinding$20

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“Amazing! Truly a treasure in the Bay Area – good value for your money, responsible and caring employees, responsive, clean, reliable, etc.”

Christina L.
“Everybody there clearly loves dogs and is invested in their care and wellbeing. Highly recommended!”
Rob C.
“They are extremely caring, have an easy online reservation system, and run lots of themed programs for your dogs.”
Matan L.
“The staff gives a personalized and compassionate touch to the pups that makes a world of difference from other places.”
Bryan B.
“Downtown Dogs has great teacher to dog ratios, interaction is on point, and just overall cleanliness along with communication.”
Xochitl L.

Need a playful place where your pup will thrive?