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For most dog owners, choosing a facility to care for their four-legged family member can be a difficult decision. You want to know that when you can’t be at home, your dog will have a safe place to go. You also want to know they will be well taken care of and that someone is providing the love and attention you’re unable to give while you’re away.

Downtown Dogs is proud to provide such a place. We’re so much more than “just a day care” for dogs. We actively interact and build relationships with all the dogs in our care because we know every dog, just like us humans, has a unique personality and specific set of needs. Our Play Group Leaders are trained to recognize these many different personalities to help ensure we provide the best possible experience for each of our canine clients. Our attention to detail and passion to care for your dog’s needs make our premier dog daycare a safe place you can trust to care for your dog.

Convenience is at the forefront of what we offer, with 24/7 staffing, real-time online scheduling, and knowledgeable staff who are always around to answer your questions. Whether you want to pick up your pooch at 2am, make an appointment on your smart phone, or have an important behavior question about your dog, we are here for you whenever you need us.

We want you to have peace of mind at all times while your pet is with us. Check out how Fido is doing while you’re at work by logging onto our live web cams, and viewing our playrooms or boarding suites. Additionally, we will provide honest feedback on your dog’s progress and behavior with regular report cards.

From treats and toys to plenty of fun activities, you can bet your pet will never be short on love and attention. With comfortable and spacious facilities, lots of safe toys to play with, and dog-loving staff who won’t miss a chance to rub bellies and scratch backs, there’s never a dull moment. We even offer activities such as nosework, agility, holiday photo shoots, and paw painting, just to name a few. Check out our activities calendar to sign up your pet for whatever strikes their fancy.

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Downtown Dogs San Jose

734 S 1st St
San Jose, CA 95113


Downtown Dogs Palo Alto

885 Commercial St
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What to Expect

Are you wondering if Downtown Dogs is the right fit for your pup? We’d love to talk with you and answer any questions! Although our facility is staffed 24/7, allowing for convenient pup pick-ups and drop-offs around the clock, Downtown Dogs is only open to the general public during our posted lobby hours.

Fun Facts

  • Our San Jose location is the largest indoor dog daycare in Silicon Valley.

  • We have rubber flooring in all of the playrooms.

  • We were rated the #1 dog daycare by We Love Doodles.

  • Our 8,000-square-foot facility in San Jose is fully climate controlled, with UV/HEPA air purification systems to keep the air clean.

  • Our 5,000-square-foot facility in Palo Alto has an out door area for the pups to run and play in.

  • We provide play structures and agility equipment to jump on, crawl under, and run around.

  • Our three play rooms accommodate all of our clients’ personalities (Tiny Town for small dogs, Dogsville for small to large playful dogs, and Ruff City for large and energetic dogs).

  • We offer regular updates on your dog’s behavior and give you access to web cams in our playrooms.

As you can see, we’re a pretty fun bunch here at Downtown Dogs, and we offer much more than simple dog babysitting.


Join the Team at Downtown Dogs

We are always looking for that “special someone” to be a part of our pack. Applicants must be sincere dog lovers who can handle hard work with a smile, are highly dependable, and don’t mind getting dirty. Our Playgroup Leaders work directly with the dogs, supervising play groups. Staff are actively engaged with the dogs, working on obedience commands, managing group energy levels, and monitoring all dog activities. Other duties may include feeding meals, washing dishes, some dog bathing, general cleaning, and maintenance. This is an enjoyable job with dogs, but staff are not just here to “play with dogs.” We ACTIVELY monitor play and continuously practice commands with the dogs. Be ready for lots of barking, poop, dog hair, and physical work. Also, be ready to have fun, make friends, and enjoy coming to work.

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“Amazing! Truly a treasure in the Bay Area – good value for your money, responsible and caring employees, responsive, clean, reliable, etc.”

Christina L.
“Everybody there clearly loves dogs and is invested in their care and wellbeing. Highly recommended!”
Rob C.
“They are extremely caring, have an easy online reservation system, and run lots of themed programs for your dogs.”
Matan L.
“The staff gives a personalized and compassionate touch to the pups that makes a world of difference from other places.”
Bryan B.
“Downtown Dogs has great teacher to dog ratios, interaction is on point, and just overall cleanliness along with communication.”
Xochitl L.

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