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Dog Boarding

San Jose & Palo Alto

If you’re going away on vacation or you’ll be away for work for a few days, you can rest easy knowing we will take great care of your dog during that time. Our staff will keep them plenty busy with activities, snuggles, and personalized attention. If you’re in need of quality dog boarding in San Jose or dog boarding in Palo Alto, look no further than Downtown Dogs. From long-term boarding to short-term boarding, we have you covered.

Please note: We are not a traditional boarding kennel. Overnight care is only available for active members of our Daycare Program.

Overnight Accommodations

Our Overnight Resort acts like a pet hotel in San Jose and Palo Alto that provides a safe and comfortable place for dogs to curl up after a busy day of playing. We are all about providing a fun, clean environment for your pups, so you can have peace of mind while away!

Our 24 Standard Rooms (20-25 sq ft) include comfortable, sturdy dog beds by Kuranda that keep pups off the ground while they rest. We encourage you to bring your pup’s favorite bed, blankets, or toys to have in their room. We also offer upgraded bedding (blankets and padded bed) in addition to the Kuranda as an add on service if requested.

The flooring in our boarding area is coated with industrial epoxy to ensure a sanitary and clean environment, with climate control and HEPA air filtration system throughout. We also provide a variety of instrumental music for the dogs to listen to throughout the evening hours, which helps reduce the stress of being away from home.

Boarding dogs participate in our daycare program during the day. Daytime activities include social time, mingling, and playing with other dogs.

Private Webcam
You’ll sleep better after you peek in on your pooch slumbering in his room.

Upgraded Bedding
Give your pup a little extra comfort with blankets to snuggle in.

We offer a variety of Stuffed Kongs/Pupsicles, Bully Sticks or biscuits for your pup to enjoy.

Resort Services

Our meal toppers are perfect for finicky eaters, or if you just want to spoil your pup while they are away from home with an extra treat at mealtime. Choose from delicious Fido’s Feast, Beef Bowls or a special treat from our weekly menu.

Want to give your dog’s mind a little extra exercise while you’re away? Choose from our Stuffed Kongs/Pupsicles or Brain Teasers to stimulate his mind by working hard to retrieve all the yummy goodness inside. Our Stuffed Kong and Pupsicle choices will please any dog connoisseur. You can choose from either peanut butter, cream cheese, pumpkin, chicken and veggie, or peanut butter with banana. Or have him try our Brain Teasers, which are treat-filled puzzle toys. We offer different challenge levels to make sure he won’t get frustrated or solve the puzzle too quickly.

For high-energy dogs, we offer additional exercise sessions, complete with a staff member and a favorite toy. For mellow dogs that prefer to have a snuggle, we offer gentle brushing, special lap time, or a loving and petting session. Customize your pet’s personal playtime by letting us know what they enjoy doing most.

Want your pooch to take a break away from the action and enjoy the sights and sounds of our bustling city? Have them take a stroll around the SoFA district in San Jose, or our Palo Alto neighborhood with our trained staff, while we snap some fun photos to share.

Activity Time

We make activity fun by offering a variety of ways to stimulate and engage your dog while they’re spending time with us.

We will work with your dog and engage him in fun mental exercise activities.

Looking for a fun activity for your dog’s body and mind? We will work with your pup using basic agility equipment – a great confidence-building activity for dogs who can be unsure of new experiences.

Does your dog need a little review or practice with a certain skill? Personalized sessions are available to brush up on obedience skills. We will work individually with your dog during their stay. Each session lasts approximately 15 minutes and a free report card can be requested for activities or of the day.

Spa Services

Does Fido need a pawdicure or would you like them fresh and clean for your arrival? We have spa services to fit your individual needs. From bathing to nail trims, teeth brushing to ear cleanings, or simply a brush out, we make sure your pup is looking their very best when you see them again.

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Top Dog Daycare Questions

What are your hours?2023-09-05T18:14:44-04:00

Our lobby hours are Monday through Sunday from 7am to noon and 2pm to 7pm. Our daycare hours are daily from 7am to 7pm. Our facility is staffed 24 hours a day, allowing for pick up and drop off of day/overnight guests any time, but is only open to the general public during our posted lobby hours. Guests arriving/departing during non-lobby hours need to provide advance notice of when to expect them.

Why does my dog need to attend daycare before boarding?2024-04-05T00:16:14-04:00

Since the majority of your dog’s overnight stay will be spent interacting with other dogs and staff, we need to make sure they will be comfortable in our facility and have a fun time. For this reason, we require new clients to attend at least 2 days of daycare prior to staying overnight with us. Some dogs may require more days based on temperament and comfort levels. During these visits, we work to help your dog become familiar with our environment and staff so they’ll feel comfortable whether you’re away for five hours or five days.

This also gives our staff a chance to get to know your dog and any special needs they may have before they stay overnight with us. Also, if at any time during your dog’s introductory visit they are having a tough time, we can get in touch with you immediately.

When can I drop off/pick up for daycare and boarding?2023-09-05T17:41:00-04:00

For a full day of daycare, you can drop off and pick up anytime during the 7am to 7pm daycare window (we request no drop offs/pick ups from noon to 2pm to allow us to work on activities with the pups at daycare. For half days, you can drop off or pick up during either the 7am to noon morning window or the 2pm to 7pm evening window. If you need to drop off outside of the 7am to 7pm window, there will be an extra early/late drop-off fee. (We request boarding drop-offs to happen prior to 4:30pm to ensure proper check-in and that dogs have ample time to play before settling in their room for the night.)

Boarding drop off is after 7am on the day of arrival and pick up is prior to noon. Clients with an existing daycare package may use a daycare visit in lieu of the late check-out fee.


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