Board & Train

Want your dog to learn some new behaviors while you are away? Then this program is for you. You dog will spend the days at DD playing with friends and get pulled off the floor for private training sessions. At the end of his stay, you will get a report card and homework to continue the learning at home. There will be a meeting with the trainer at the end of the sessions to discuss progress made and how to continue working at home with your dog. You can choose from our basics class or design your own custom class. 


Basics 101
This program is designed for a beginner student with little to no previous training. We will teach your dog: sit, down, stay, come, wait- to go through doors and leave it. 


Custom Classes
Don't see what you're looking for? We will be happy to customize a program to meet your individual goals. You can choose 5 of the following commands:

SitDownStayLeave ItDrop ItComeWait at DoorwaysEye ContactGo to your bed


$420- Five nights of boarding, five one on one private training sessions, meeting with trainer prior to training sessions, 45 minute review session with owner, and homework to continue the learning at home.


Contact us for more information or to start training!