Choosing A Daycare

Daycare is an excellent way to give dogs the socialization and exercise to meet their needs. Daycare helps dogs learn appropriate interactions with humans and other dogs. Dogs also gain lots of exercise by playing with other dogs, toys or staff. This allows dogs to stimulate both mind and body. Downtown Dogs gives dogs a chance to be part of a “pack” in a safe, monitored environment, when their owners are not around.





Dog - Dog play is
one of the best ways 
to get your dog tired


 Is Daycare right for your dog?

While most dogs enjoy playing and wrestling with other dogs, there are some that do not. Some dogs do not like to share toys or treats or are nervous around people. These are dogs that may find daycare to be too stressful and would prefer to be in their own home environment. How a dog reacts at daycare depends on their socialization experiences. If you are unsure if daycare is right for your dog, we are able to discuss any concerns with you over the phone.


What makes a great daycare?

Over the last few years dog daycare has grown quite popular. However, not all daycares are created equal. Every daycare facility is designed and run differently. With so many choices, we want you to be informed when making your decision and choose a facility in which you feel your dog will be safe and well cared for. It is important that you visit the facility and ask questions so you feel comfortable in your choice. Here are some questions to ask when checking out a daycare facility for your dog:


What is their philosophy on dogs?

Dogs come to daycare to have fun, but in order to maintain a safe environment, they also need to play by the rules that we set for them. At Downtown Dogs, we believe that it is important for dogs to have structure in their playtime, and not think that they can do what they want, when they want, and how they want. Through the use of basic command practice and positive reinforcement methods, the dogs learn that good behavior brings good rewards (play, treats, verbal and physical praise). We have found that using positive reinforcement methods, the dogs actually want to learn and are eager to please us. While appropriate behaviors are reinforced, inappropriate behaviors are disciplined, through the use of time outs or loss of play. By consistently applying these techniques, we can help ensure that every dog had a fun and safe experience while at daycare.


How long have they been in operation?

Downtown Dogs has been offering quality daycare experiences for dogs and their owners since November of 1998.


What is the Staff to dog ratio?

Our staff to dog ratio varies based on the size, activity level and personality of the dogs. We generally try to maintain a ratio of one dog handler to fifteen dogs. What is the background/ training of the staff? Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds, but all have a common interest. They love dogs! All staff go through orientation and cover such topics as learning theory, body language, group dynamics, appropriate play and signs of stress. We are proud to say that all of our staff are trained in canine First Aid & CPR. Staff regularly attend local classes/lectures on dog behavior, training and handling. Our dog handlers also attend quarterly internal meetings to discuss pack dynamics, foster teamwork and brainstorm on activities for our clients. To further enhance the experience for our canine clients, our staff work set schedules. This allows our handlers to more intimately learn the personality of each regularly attending dog.

How do they deal with different dog personalities?

We accommodate the various dog personalities by engaging them in Ruff City, it is typical to see all the romping and wrestiling, running back and forth playing fetch. Others may enjoy a game of chase, racing around our playing structures, jumping from slide to slide. While the older, mellow dogs just enjoy getting petted or brushed. And the smaller guys have a room of their own to play in without the worries of a big paw.

What is the daily routine?

When dogs come in the morning, they are ready to play. Wrestle and chase are the main games that happen for most of the day. In addition to off leash play, the dogs are also engaged in small group activities such as bubble play, games of fetch, or command practice.

In the middle of the day we have a nap time where dogs are able to rest after their busy morning. While resting, the dogs enjoy listening to soothing music and nibbling on chewies. We started naptime to help curb the "grumpiness" that many dogs show during the end of the day. Naptime also allows dogs to take a break and rejuvenate for the afternoon activities.

As the day winds down, lower activity levels encourage brushing and snuggling, while they wait for "mom" and "dad" to pick up.

Throughout the day, dogs are asked to perform sits, downs or stays before they get good things (petted, a treat, or having a toy thrown).This is referred to as "nothing in life is free". This means that dogs need to do something in order to get something good. This helps to ensure that the dogs are able to listen to staff as well as reinforce basic commands.

How is the facility set up?

To accommodate for various personalities, we have three different play rooms for the dogs to play. The small dogs have their own room to run around in with out the worry of being stepped on by a big paw. There is a big dog room for our high energy big dogs. Our last room is our medium- large dog area to accommodate dogs who enjoy a slower pace. Our facility is fully climate controlled with air purification systems to limit the spread of illness among dogs.


Daycare Rates
Effective June 1st, 2023

Full Day

Single Dog - $55
Additional Dog(s) - $49

Discount Pacakges*

4 - Visits - $212     

8 - Visits - $416     

12 - Visits - $588     

16 - Visits - $736

* - All Packages are valid for 40 days from date of the first used visit. Package may be shared by dogs in the same household.



Watch the Dogs

Our camera links have moved! In order to provide you with a clearer and more comprehensive view of your dog's day, we've updated our cameras. To access the daycare webcams, please log into your Downtown Dogs account and navigate to the "Photo/Video" drop down menu. Click on "Live Webcams" and choose which room you'd like to view! You'll be able to get a full view of your pup's day!


Downtown Dogs maintains an 'Open Door' policy and encourages owners to check in on their dogs throughout the day. 




Playroom Camera Hours:
Ruff City - 8:00AM-12:00PM & 2:15PM-6:00PM

Tiny Town - 8:00AM-12:00PM & 2:15PM-6:00PM

Dogsville - 8:00AM-12:00PM & 2:15PM-6:00PM




Playroom cameras are turned off during naptime

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