Our standard hours for pick-up and drop-off

Daily activites that are part of our daycare program.

Individual Activities that can be added on, while your dog is here for daycare or boarding.

Fun activities like Photo Shoots, Paw Print Painting and Pie Eating Contests

Events for puppies (10-24 weeks) to socialize and learn appropriate play.

Calendar List

Watch the Dogs

Downtown Dogs maintains an 'Open Door' policy and encourages owners to check in on their dogs throughout the day. Please feel free to checkout the dogs, but we do ask that you not leave the cameras up, when not watching. The live video is bandwidth intensive and will slow down as more people watch.




Playroom Camera Hours:
Ruff City - 7AM-12PM & 2:30PM-7:00PM

Tiny Town - 7:15AM-12PM & 2:30-6:30PM

Dogsville - 7:45AM-12PM & 2:30PM-6PM


Playroom cameras are turned off during naptime

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